AI for College Success
Your school mascot brought to life

Recruit, Enroll & Retain

Each Mascot Bot™ combines behavioral science with artificial intelligence to bring students success and joy.

Save Time and Succeed

More meaningful student connections

Communicate Effectively

Meet students where they are: 98% of texts are read within minutes. Scale student support with your current staff with the power of AI.

Listen, Learn & Engage

Take the pulse of your student population with surveys, quizzes, and honest conversation. Engage in more high-impact one-on-one student support.

Build Relationships

Spend more time with the students who need your help, while your Mascot Bot™ automatically handles thousands of FAQs.

Boost Outcomes

AdmitHub™ is proven to change student behavior, and increase dozens of individual student outcomes. Proven by academic research.

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Intelligent Mobile Messaging

Personalized support for every student

Why mobile messaging?"

Nearly all text messages are read within minutes. Your Mascot Bot delivers the right information at the right time to improve student outcomes and save you time."

How could an AI Mascot possibly help me?"

Your Mascot Bot provides personalized nudges, guided conversations, and on-demand answers to thousands of students simultaneously. It amplifies your student support while saving staff time. Best of all, the more you use your Mascot Bot, the smarter it becomes."

Our Partners

Nurturing student relationships with intelligent mobile messaging.

Georgia State University

More conversation, less work, proven results

AdmitHub was instrumental to helping Georgia State achieve our best enrollment results in school history. We would have needed ten more full-time staff to accomplish the same level of success.
— Scott Burke, AVP of Undergraduate Admissions

Driving Enrollment at GSU

Dr. Lindsay C. Page (University of Pittsburgh) and Dr. Hunter Gehlbach (UC Santa Barbara) conducted a randomized controlled trial to study the impact of AdmitHub™ on enrollment outcomes. Students who chatted with Pounce, GSU's Mascot Bot, enrolled at increased rates and had better outcomes on several key metrics. Here are a few:

Increased Loan Counseling


Decreased FAFSA Verifications


Decreased Summer Melt


Increased Enrollment

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Fast, intuitive, and secure

Easy to Use

Initial setup is fast and easy with AdmitHub’s intuitive dashboard. AdmitHub integrates seamlessly into your current communication flow and meets counselors where they are.

Secure And Private

AdmitHub is fully FERPA-compliant and maintains data security through end-to-end encryption and database isolation.

Targeted Messaging

Student data integrations allow you to personalize all text messages and target relevant groups and individuals.

Reporting and Analytics

Measure student engagement, message response rates, and trending topics. Monitor activity and download custom reports.

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