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Who we are

At AdmitHub, we believe every student can – and will – succeed in college with the right support. To help all schools provide the 1:1 conversational support proven to strengthen student outcomes, AdmitHub developed the first mobile messaging platform powered by artificial intelligence specifically designed for higher education. Today, AdmitHub has partnered with colleges and universities across the country to reach more than one million students – and in the process, helped schools boost enrollment, strengthen retention, and slash summer melt.

It is our mission to provide an AI platform along with strategic services to support students through higher education and beyond.

Our Values

AdmitHub Values WHY MATTERS

WHY MATTERS. Our “company why” unifies us. The everyday search for purpose, meaning, and clarity brings us together whenever we ask “why?”

AdmitHub Values Kindness Rules

KINDNESS RULES. Kindness is a quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate, with the strength and compassion to deliver any essential information in a manner that will provide the most benefit or growth.

AdmitHub Values Create Joy

CREATE JOY. Celebrate each moment of the journey. Be present, express gratitude, find your balance, and share positive energy with one another.

AdmitHub Values Drive Impact

DRIVE IMPACT. We all have a responsibility as employees and shareholders to execute when called upon and also when we see a problem that requires a resolution.

The Team


Kirk Daulerio Kirk Daulerio Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist
Drew Magliozzi Andrew Magliozzi Co-Founder and CEO

Partner Success

Crossan Barnes Crossan Barnes Director of Account Management
Johanna Beers Johanna Beers Senior Partner Success Manager
Bea B Bea Bolaños Director of Partner Success Support Services
Ellen B Ellen Bzomowski Account Manager
Lauren C Lauren Cattano Partner Success Manager
Miguel E Miguel Esteban Partner Success Operations Associate
Dione Johnson AdmitHub Dione Johnson Implementation Manager
Cecilia M Cecilia Maldonado Partner Success Manager
Bella M Bella Medrano Partner Success Operations Associate
Peter Peter O’Reilly Partner Success Manager
Nathasha Nathasha Rodriguez Senior Implementation Manager
Becky Sechen Becky Sechen VP, Partner Success

Product & Engineering

Caroline Caroline Alexander Product Manager
Noah B Noah Bilgrien AI Engineer
Evan Evan Danaher Senior Software Engineer
Chris D Chris Dignam Software Engineer
Steve D Steve Dignam Software Engineer
Nancy Nancy Eckenthal Junior Software Engineer
Ben Lambert Ben Lambert Director of AI
Lena M Lena Madenci Software Engineer
Brad Brad Matthiesen VP, Engineering
James Mayr James Mayr Product Manager
Tim Tim Moliterno Junior Software Engineer
Miguel Mora Miguel Mora Product Manager
Roya R Roya Rakhshan Product Designer
Anthony Anthony Reid Senior Software Engineer
Becky Becky Sacks VP, Product
Damien Rochford Damien Rochford Senior Software Engineer
Jeremy Jeremy Simms Senior Software Engineer
Manan Thakkar Manan Thakkar Senior Software Engineer
Alex Alex Turnwall Head of Design

Sales & Marketing

Nora Hanagan Director of Sales
Corey Beale AdmitHub Corey Beale EVP, Sales
Ben C Ben Cockerell SVP, Marketing
Emily Confalone Emily Confalone Marketing Operations Coordinator
Sara Dillan AdmitHub Sara Dillan Regional Director of Sales
Roxanne D Roxanne Dunaway Regional Director of Sales
Eric H Eric Hann Product Marketing Manager
Pierre L AdmitHub Pierre Lajaunie Regional Director of Sales
Josh Meyer AdmitHub Josh Meyer Business Development Representative
Jordan M AdmitHub Jordan Mickey Regional Director of Sales
Jason Jason Prybylo Director of Marketing
Ariel R Ariel Ream Regional Director of Sales
Matt Matt Summer Regional Director of Sales
Theo T Theo Tomich Regional Director of Sales


Marissa Keech Marissa Keech Conversational UX Designer
Anne Anne La Associate Director, Impact Initiatives

HR & Finance

Adrienne Barnard | SVP of People Operations and Experience Adrienne Barnard SVP of People Operations and Experience
Meg McGrann Meg McGrann Senior Manager, Talent and HR
Barbara M Barbara Moran Accounting Manager

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