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About AdmitHub

Who we are

We understand the tremendous value of higher education and care deeply about the education of future generations. Never before has communication technology been capable of achieving such meaningful behavior change and improved outcomes for students at scale. We feel a responsibility to bring students and educators together with our powerful communication platform for their mutual benefit.

The Team


Andrew Magliozzi Co-Founder and CEO
Kirk Daulerio Kirk Daulerio Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

Partner Success

Becky Sechen Becky Sechen VP, Partner Success
Crossan Barnes Crossan Barnes Director of Account Management
Nathasha Rodriguez Partner Success Manager
Carrie M Carrie Merz Partner Success Manager
Oli Johanna Beers Partner Success Manager
Oli Lauren Cattano Partner Success Manager
Anne La Senior Implementation Manager
Timothy Sroka Implementation Manager
Dallana Raymundo Dallana Raymundo Implementation Manager
Carlos Lopez Carlos Lopes Implementation Manager
Donald Allen Sarra Partner Operations Specialist

Product & Engineering

Becky Sacks VP, Product
Brad Matthiesen Director of Engineering
Ben Lambert Ben Lambert Director of AI
Caroline Alexander Product Manager
Buruk Buruk Aregawi Senior Software Engineer
Evan Danaher Senior Software Engineer
Gabriel Morell Senior Software Engineer
Anthony Reid Senior Software Engineer
Damien Rochford Damien Rochford Senior Software Engineer
Jeremy Simms Senior Software Engineer
Manan Thakkar Manan Thakkar Senior Software Engineer
Frank LaNasa Software Engineer
Chris D Chris Dignam Software Engineer
Steve D Steve Dignam Software Engineer
Noah B Noah Bilgrien Software Engineer
Tim Moliterno Junior Software Engineer
Nancy Eckenthal Junior Software Engineer
Alex Turnwall Head of Design

Sales & Marketing

Corey Beale AdmitHub Corey Beale EVP, Sales
Jason Prybylo Director of Marketing
Matt Summer Regional Director of Sales
Brian Ruhlmann Regional Director of Sales
Heather Evans Heather Evans Regional Director of Sales
Peter O’Reilly Regional Director of Sales
Roxanne D Roxanne Dunaway Regional Director of Sales
Laura Leatherman Laura Leatherman Marketing Manager
Emily Confalone Emily Confalone Marketing Operations Coordinator

HR & Finance

Meg M Meg McGrann Senior Manager, Talent and HR
Lynn Wolf Lynn Wolf Director of Finance

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38 Chauncy Street, 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

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