AI’s Potential for Higher Ed Retention

AI is positioned to help a lot of higher ed institutions with student retention. AI can leverage more data and impact more students with existing staff and budgets to help them succeed.

AI’s Impact on Ed Tech – Campus Tech write-up

AI is having a major impact on Ed Tech – reducing summer melt, leverage student data within a CRM, feedback on essays and more. This review of a recent Campus Tech article discusses a few of these and more.

Edtech leaders predict 2019 trends

20 edtech executives share their predictions for 2019. Artificial intelligence, chatbots, and more nuanced uses of student data were among the most popular topics.

3 Best Practices For Onboarding Your Student Success Bot

Ondoarding a chatboat isn’t always a smooth process for colleges and universities. Here are three universal best practices that all higher ed institutions should keep in mind when implementing a chatbot for student success.

AI Helped Me Attend College

Admithub’s chatbots help students get from college acceptance to their first day of class. With personalized guidance, nudges, and on-demand assistance, students get answers they need on their mobile phones and with a friendly conversational style.

Make it Conversational

Engaging students through conversations is the most powerful and effective way to provide intentional and proactive support. Artificial intelligence has allowed colleges to listen and respond at scale and deliver a more meaningful conversational experience.

Paving A Path of Least Resistance

Paving a path of least resistance is crucial for student engagement. Conversational AI eliminates common points of friction and enables colleges to more proactively guide students through enrollment towards successful outcomes while significantly increasing staff efficient and impact.