The College Dropout Scandal and the Innovation Gap

Why do 40% of college students drop out before completing a degree? UCLA Professor David Kirp diagnoses the crisis and explains 5 ways to power student success with innovation–including the use of AI chatbots.

Simple Ways To Improve Student Success With Texting & AI

The 74 recently reported a whopping one-third of all college students at four-year institutions don’t earn a degree after six years, and the problem is even more apparent for low-income students. Need help scaling strategies that address this completion crisis? We have answers.

The Newest Job in Higher Education: College Chatbot Manager

As colleges move towards centralized on-demand engagement with students, conversational AI and chatbots have grown in adoption. But what is the best way to manage a college chatbot? We break down the new and important chatbot manager job and why they are assisted by a strategic team.

AI’s Potential for Higher Ed Retention

AI is positioned to help a lot of higher ed institutions with student retention. AI can leverage more data and impact more students with existing staff and budgets to help them succeed.

AI’s Impact on Ed Tech – Campus Tech write-up

AI is having a major impact on Ed Tech – reducing summer melt, leverage student data within a CRM, feedback on essays and more. This review of a recent Campus Tech article discusses a few of these and more.