Make it Conversational

Engaging students through conversations is the most powerful and effective way to provide intentional and proactive support. Artificial intelligence has allowed colleges to listen and respond at scale and deliver a more meaningful conversational experience.

Paving A Path of Least Resistance

Paving a path of least resistance is crucial for student engagement. Conversational AI eliminates common points of friction and enables colleges to more proactively guide students through enrollment towards successful outcomes while significantly increasing staff efficient and impact.

Nudging Students Towards Success

From applying and enrolling in college to learning and graduating, nudges are a crucial variable across Higher Education because they can prime students to proactively tackle small challenges before they become big problems.

Targeting Support Through Two-Way Channels

To support students effectively, the key activity isn’t talking – it’s listening and responding appropriately. Conversational AI allows colleges to be more specific, relevant, and timely in their outreach and form a stronger bond between students and institutions.

5 Strategies for Student-Centric Communication

Gen Z expectations have colleges evolving their student engagement strategies to emphasize on-demand, conversational experiences. These five strategies, leveraging AI and targeted nudges, will help colleges scale personalized support, boost staff efficiency, and drive enrollment outcomes.

How GDPR Impacts Communicating with Students

In May of 2018, you may have noticed your inbox flooded with emails from companies talking about the GDPR, explaining how they updated their privacy policy to comply. The GDPR is a step forward in protecting individual’s personal information, so it’s helpful to view its regulations as positive.

How AI Entered My Life

Matt Summer explores Artificial Intelligence in College Recruitment and Retention. AI helps you retain students with technology. Recruit students with text messaging. Retain and recruit students with artificial intelligence and text messaging. Chatbot that creates staff efficiency.

Messenger: From your college website to on-the-go

Facebook Messenger released new updates to their platform that allows colleges to start conversations on their website, continue the conversation when students are on the go, and then reach back out and proactive send students related messages.