A Proven Framework to Achieve Next-Level Student Engagement

Analyze the maturity of your higher education institution’s student engagement strategy by honestly assessing where you stand today, your objectives, and the ways behaviorally intelligent chatbots can help your college or university achieve ideal student communications.

Why AdmitHub Is Becoming Mainstay

AdmitHub will become Mainstay in spring 2021. This name change reflects our passion for supporting learners with empathetic engagement through behaviorally intelligent chatbots.

3 Ways HBCUs Use Chatbots to Support Black Students

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are tapping into behaviorally intelligent chatbot technology to improve enrollment rates, support student success, and drive student engagement with empathetic, behaviorally intelligent interactions.

What Is an Empathy Engine?

An empathy engine is artificial intelligence technology that delivers relevant information and answers to questions in real time by practicing active listening at scale, analyzing data, routing conversations to a human when appropriate, and cultivating trusting relationships to improve ongoing communication.

Partner Spotlight: California State University Channel Islands

I recently sat down for a virtual chat with Tara Hughes, the Interim Assistant Director of Strategic Communications & Student Success Chatbot at CSU Channel Islands, to learn more about her approach to supporting enrolled students via their chatbot, Ekhobot.

Summer Nudge Data: What Students Need from Schools to Succeed Through the Virus

We helped thousands of students with our summer Oli program, a free chatbot dedicated to supporting new and current college students through the pandemic. Now, see a preview of the insights we’ve gathered from thousands of text messages and learn data-backed recommendations you can use on your campus this fall.