Summer Nudge Data: What Students Need from Schools to Succeed Through the Virus

We helped thousands of students with our summer Oli program, a free chatbot dedicated to supporting new and current college students through the pandemic. Now, see a preview of the insights we’ve gathered from thousands of text messages and learn data-backed recommendations you can use on your campus this fall.

5 Ways Texting Your Students Adds to Your Virtual Campus

With campus closures happening within days of the start of the semester and “clusters” popping up at colleges across the country, it’s important to keep every single student updated with correct and clear information. Here are 5 ways texting can add to your virtual, hybrid, or in-person college campus this semester.

5 Ways Attributes Can Improve Your Knowledge Base

Get the most out of your Knowledge Base with Attributes: A product feature that allows partners to reuse existing information in new answers and develop consistency in their communication to students.

May 2020 Partner Office Hours: Key Takeaways

Learn key takeaways from May’s Partner Office Hours, a recurring meeting hosted by AdmitHub’s partner success team, and see how institutions address pressing challenges and questions using AI technology.

College Is Hard. Iggy, Pounce, Cowboy Joe and Sunny are Here to Help.

With campuses closed across the country and online learning more prevalent than ever, it can be hard for institutions to connect with students, communicate at scale, and troubleshoot coronavirus concerns. We’re humbled to work with our partners to help them adapt and better serve their students through this crisis using AI.