The New York Times is recognizing the importance of artificial intelligence in emerging technologies, with higher ed chatbots at the top of the list amidst the current COVID-19 crisis.

With campuses closed across the country and online learning more prevalent than ever, it can be hard for institutions to connect with students, communicate at scale, and troubleshoot Coronavirus concerns.

That’s why we developed a free COVID-19 Support Chatbot, which has already been adopted by over 50 institutions nationwide to provide immediate, clear answers for their students, staff, and larger community via web chat.

New York Times AI web chat

We’re proud to work with partners like Arizona State University, Georgia State University, University of Wyoming, Loyola University Maryland, and Saginaw Valley State University to help them adapt and better serve their students through this crisis using AI.

To campus leaders across the country who struggle to reach a generation that shuns official websites and mass emails, chatbots “cut through the clutter,” as one put it, because they feel more personal.

– The New York Times

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