From testing your bot to giving web chat users the option to select their preferred language, take a look 👀 below for some of our newest platform features.

Live Chat 💬

Your bot is designed to answer student questions 24/7 and offers a way to provide individualized support. 

Live Chat elevates your ability for a human to send personalized messages by ensuring that when there is a human-to-human conversation occurring, the bot will pause and hold from responding to a student so you can carry on a conversation in real time. From answering complex questions to giving more nuanced answers, Live Chat furthers your ability to deepen your students’ trust with relevant responses to address their needs or questions with a human touch. 

Test the Bot 🤖

Want to see how your bot may respond to a question without having to text it? Now you can with “Test the Bot” – a new tool that you can use to send messages to your school’s chatbot that you think a student would send via SMS, web, or Facebook Messenger, directly in your dashboard. 

Using this feature is a great way to see what your students experience when chatting with your bot.

Multi-Language Responses on Web Chat 🌎

It’s important to us to support your students and their families with features that allow them to feel comfortable chatting with your bot. 

Web chat users will now be able to select the language they want to communicate in.

Please note that this feature is not available yet for SMS. Look out for updates on expanding this feature to text messaging. 

Aggregate Reports for Introductions to New Contacts 📈

You’ll now be able to download reports for your customized introductions and surveys sent to contacts when they first start a conversation with your chatbot. This enables you to quickly analyze any information collected from the introductory script, and take further action to message these contacts as needed.

Dashboard Reports by Channel 📱

As more schools implement web bots and Facebook Messenger bots, in addition to your SMS texting chatbots, we want to make sure the dashboard reports can be segmented by communication channel. 

Current partners: if you have any questions or you’re interested in adding a new communication channel, reach out to your Partner Success Manager!

Interested in learning more about our platform and services? Request a demo to chat with our team!

– The AdmitHub Support Team