AdmitHub’s integration with Slate enables you to easily track student engagement information to personalize your outreach efforts.

Integrate Slate with AdmitHub to:

  • Understand and track student engagement 
  • Send AdmitHub campaigns to the right students based on their student profile data in Slate 
  • Use AdmitHub’s knowledge bases to respond to students in real time
  • Launch and distribute surveys with AdmitHub and review response data in Slate

Technical features include: 

  • Automatically and bi-directionally sync data between Slate and AdmitHub
  • Map custom-field data from Slate to AdmitHub
  • Execute one-time import and export commands
  • Schedule multiple data syncs per day
  • Analyze conversation data from AdmitHub in Slate
  • Capture robust error logging 
  • Filter and segment contacts in AdmitHub based on Slate’s custom-field data