Panel webinar presented by Michael Feldstein, Chief Accountability Officer at eLiterate. This was the inaugural event in his Standard of Proof webinar series.

Higher ed administrators are likely familiar with “summer melt” – the phenomenon in which students are admitted to college, accept, but never show up on campus. It most often impacts first-generation college students who run into challenges during the enrollment process—often bureaucratic ones, like getting a health form or a parental signature—and don’t have the support they need to overcome the hurdle.

In 2017, the AI developer AdmitHub partnered with researcher Lindsay Page and their partner Georgia State University to prove that AI chatbots could help reduce summer melt. The results of their randomized controlled trial speak for themselves: the chatbot helped Georgia State to reduce summer melt by more than 20 percent. 

The study has value for any university looking to reduce summer melt and help students persist in their degree, regardless of whether or not they already use AI or chatbots on campus.

Michael Feldstein
Michael Feldstein
Chief Accountability Officer
Lindsay Page
Dr. Lindsay Page
Professor of Research Methodology
University of Pittsburgh
Drew Magliozzi
Andrew Magliozzi
CEO and Co-Founder
Tim Renick
Dr. Tim Renick
Senior VP for Student Success
Georgia State University

In this webinar recording, you’ll hear Georgia State’s story, the positive outcomes they achieved with AdmitHub, and the research with Dr. Page that went into proving that success.