Why AdmitHub

Everything we do – from how we’ve built and trained our AI to our strategic services and rigorous research methods – is designed to help you strengthen student outcomes, boost staff effectiveness, and achieve institutional goals.

Our Proven Approach

Based on our extensive experience partnering with higher education institutions across the nation, AdmitHub has developed a unique, three-pronged approach for a successful student communication platform.



More than a chatbot, AdmitHub combines artificial intelligence, proactive nudges, and a vast knowledge base to engage students in authentic, personalized conversations.



More than simple messaging, AdmitHub conducts rigorous research and leverages behavioral science to consistently improve both our technology and our onboarding approach to deliver results.



More than a vendor, AdmitHub is a dedicated partner that combines the right technology and research to develop the playbooks necessary to solve university challenges and drive student outcomes.



AdmitHub developed the first student communication platform powered by artificial intelligence, specifically designed for higher education. Today, our AI’s vast knowledge base incorporates insights from over 4 million real questions covering 6,000+ topics.

AdmitHub’s chatbots answer over 80% of all student questions immediately, using advanced Natural Language Processing. Our user-friendly platform streamlines chatbot management for campus staff and empowers proactive, student-centric communications.

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Research & Behavior Science

Research has always been a part of our DNA at AdmitHub. From randomized control trials (RCTs) and partnerships with behavioral science research organizations, to feedback from schools, staff and students, we’re continually working to enhance our technology and services.

From near-perfect rates of on-time enrollment at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus to opening the doors for a more diverse class at Wayne State University, our results so far affirm that our chatbots’ proactive nudging and responsiveness to students is a powerful way to shift student behavior.

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Persistence To A Degree Behavior Science



Born out of the idea that the combination of behavioral science and technology can drive student impact, we’ve developed a platform and strategic services that help institutions drive personalized conversations with students at scale, allow staff to become significantly more efficient, and ultimately drive student impact across the entire student lifecycle from admit to alumni.

As a true thought partner, AdmitHub’s methodology combines innovative technology and rigorous research to help you implement strategies for long-term success.


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